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Renew the Republic is a publication by Frank J. DiStefano exploring how to fix America.

Frank has written extensively about American political history and political realignments. He’s the author of a book on the subject called The Next Realignment. He has worked in politics in the House of Representatives and on campaigns. He has also been a Washington litigator.

Renew the Republic discusses an array of topics—new ideas, fresh ways to look at problems, challenges we face, the nature of our era’s crisis, solutions for reform, and more. Sometimes we’re talking about big ideas. Sometimes we’re talking about politics and policy. Sometimes we’re talking about history and philosophy. Sometimes we’re talking about news and events. Sometimes we’re just talking. The overarching theme however is how to move past our crumbling twentieth-century politics to reinvent America for the new era ahead. 

New articles arrive every Tuesday and Friday. For the moment, nothing is paywalled but I hope you’ll still subscribe and contribute to support the publication and our common cause. As we grow, we’ll add more content for subscribers only.

For now, Renew the Republic is a Substack with a founding writer. Its aspiration is to become much more—a vibrant community of thinkers and doers interested in reinventing America for a new age. We envision it growing into a magazine with a stable of writers and contributors and an organization dedicated to reform. It can be a hub for daring thinkers. It can be a forum for innovation and ideas. It can be a think tank for new policies. It can be an engine to apply fresh ideas into the world.

This is why your support is important. It will allow Renew the Republic to grow and advance our common mission. If you like what Renew the Republic has to say and support our mission, I hope that you’ll subscribe and contribute to the project.

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Renew the Republic is a publication by Frank J. DiStefano about ideas and reinventing America.


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